Thursday, March 24, 2016

Full Circle

Its 10:19 PM as i sit in my home office writing these thoughts.  Its been almost 5 years since I took the leap of faith and followed my heart and returned to the aina.  I left a lot of worldly goods behind in the mainland, but I knew I had to if I wanted to bring my family back here (LAIE) to experience all the wonders that I believed and dreamed were a reality here. 

The big question...was I right to have fantasized about my kids surfing at Goat Island or riding their bikes up to BYU or to Sam store, going to Kahuku, feeling the sun on their skin and the sand between their toes?....  The answer is a resounding YES!!! I would do it 100 times over.  My kids are thriving and enjoying the amazing blessing of being in a place that even as an adult with mature(more mature) eyes is a protected place, a special place that words  really cant express or explain.

So in November, we finally bought a home, and crazy as it seems is on Moana Street... Not the faculty side that I grew up on but on the "other side" still its seems funny to me that here I am full circle as it was back in Laie living on and raising my kids on Moana street. 

My kids thanked me every day for bring them here for the first 2 years, they belong to the aina, they feel the magic that only those who experienced it can totally understand. 

I wish that all my friends were here raising their kids, that's kinda what I grew up believing would happen, that I'd get a call from security, saying that my son and Mike Jackson son and Chris Wards son were caught riding the canoes at PCC or on the roof at BYU.... In a perfect wold that would have been my dream...

There have been a few others who have taken the leap of faith and I think from what I have seen they are also loving and happy about the move... Ann Chase Workman and Kim Fredrickson Christensen both have brought their families back here it gives me hope that others will feel the draw to return.

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