Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I am writing for the first time in a very long time a lot has happened in that time the most important is that I did it! I brought my family back to Hawaii.... Believe me when I say that it was not the easiest move but once I took that leap I have not looked back. My kids thank me every day for bring them to this Paradise were a kid can be a kid... they run outside, play in the waves at Hukilau beach, hike the mountains of the Ko'olau's, in surf shorts and t-shirts with the Pacific sun kissing there hapa skin....
When I say it wasn't the easiest move I am referring to the fear I had as a parent in bring my kids who have been raised in the mainland to Laie... I place I understand but can sometimes be difficult to maneuver as some who doesn't understand the culture and the unwritten rules that have been established. But I will tell you that my personal fears where unfounded as my kids have come and fit in with out any issues or growing pains fitting right into the melting pot that is Laie.
The other thing that worried me was the cost of living and I wont lie it is not easy paying some of these prices for things like Milk and even bread... but things even out you spend more here and less there, You still end up on the losing end financially but... This past Saturday my wife and I drove up to the Laie point to eat a plate lunch we got from Papa Ole's . We watched the waves break on the rock its strange how comforting that is, we watched as a mother whale and here baby jumped out of the water for about half and hour... we drove over to Sunset and sat on the beach with my boys and watched the sun set... it cost me nothing.
The saddest part to me about moving back here is realizing that so many of my friends and class mates are not here for what ever reason... there are a lot of people who are still around and the feeling of Laie still is as strong as it ever was but I wish some how more people could find there way back home....insert link

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