Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer has come and gone, I spent it in Laie and it was like breath of fresh air. People are always talking about living in a bubble in Laie and I say "what's wrong with that, isn't that what Zion's all about?" Anywayz from the moment I saw my kids running bare foot on Hukilau beach I knew that I was depriving them of the most essential of birthrights... the simple pleasures that I took for granted growing up in paradise. It's almost like a dream when you get back to the mainland and slowly you forget and resume your daily tasks and only once inwhile catch yourself in a day dream....

I walked down the old street and even sat with Mike Jackson on the drain outside his house, it was like stepping back in time. But sadly I woke from the dream to find myself driving down the highway back to my house.

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