Monday, December 20, 2010

Mele Kalikamaka

Mele Kalikamaka

It's Christmas time and its freezing over here on the mainland… Thinking back to the time before I had ever seen snow…. When the days were warm and Santa Claus wore slippas and shorts.

I was teaching my kids the Hawaiian version of 12 days of Christmas… its funny to hear them try and sing it with a pidgin accent and realize how not local my kids are.

I am grateful for the chance this year to take the family home for the summer… I am planning to make it a yearly tradition. My boys learned to surf and got to spend time with cousins… it was great to just walk the streets with time to cruse in stead of rushing around trying to get in every second of sights and sounds…. We cruised on the beach and hung out with friends and family… it was almost like being home for realz.

My lil sister found some old pictures of my grand parents in Laie back in the days it was cool seeing them, it reminded me that Hawaii is really home… proud to be from Laie and the islands.

Maybe one day I can find a way back… Like many of you I know that is the dream…

Aloha from the Uyehara's

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer has come and gone, I spent it in Laie and it was like breath of fresh air. People are always talking about living in a bubble in Laie and I say "what's wrong with that, isn't that what Zion's all about?" Anywayz from the moment I saw my kids running bare foot on Hukilau beach I knew that I was depriving them of the most essential of birthrights... the simple pleasures that I took for granted growing up in paradise. It's almost like a dream when you get back to the mainland and slowly you forget and resume your daily tasks and only once inwhile catch yourself in a day dream....

I walked down the old street and even sat with Mike Jackson on the drain outside his house, it was like stepping back in time. But sadly I woke from the dream to find myself driving down the highway back to my house.