Monday, December 1, 2008

Thankful for all the giving

It has been awhile since I have written anything here. But after a great Thanksgiving week I had to sit and write a few thoughts. I spent the evening with Jen and Jill Jackson and some friends from BYU Hawaii. I also saw Quinn Curran and his 9-year girlfriend Darleen. These friends are really an extension of family to me; I cannot help but be grateful for the timeless relationships that have extended beyond the boundaries of the street that they began on. I recall this time of year and the annual Turkey Bowl… even now I can see Zack Chase, little Zack Chase, trying to tackle me and giving it all his effort, he’d take me down now with little more than a push. I remember the year of Hurricane Iniki back in 1992, there was no power and we cooked our turkey in an umu, to this day it was the best tasting turkey I have ever had. I recall that we didn’t need much to be thankful for and that we enjoyed the season with simple things. I remember going up to KGMB and signing with Sister Shumway’s children’s choir, I will never forget waking up on Christmas and forcing our parents to watch on our little color TV. Years later I found a copy of the video up at BYU Library and watched it, there were a few tears of laughter and of joy shed that day.
I am greatful for all the friendships that were created and continue because of the magical place, I consider home.


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  1. I just found your blog. Oh the memories I could write about! Ok - so KGMB and the Christmas taping. That would be the time I decided to stick my hands in my dress because I was cold. I then started swaying to the music. It would have gone unnoticed, but I was directly to the left and behind Merilee Shumway doing her flute solo. I got good lickin's that day. Oh, and I'm pretty sure that same tape has me and Betsy Smith talking around Lisa Walker who ever so politely told us to "SSSSHHHHHH!!!"