Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jens B-day

This past week was a great one for me. Mike Jackson came to town, I have known Mike since before I could talk and think of him more of a brother than a friend. It was great having him around, it reminded me of the connection we have with one another and how no matter the space or time there it is, true friendship something that will always remain.
We drove up to Salt Lake and went over to Jens house, it was her birthday and we gathered together with other friends to wish her a happy birthday. Pam Harvey and her husband were there from Kentucky; her sister Cindy was there fresh from her permanent spot as reigning drama queen a Kahuku. Heather and Morgan Merdock showed up too with half their clan 5 and one on the way wow. Little Jill and here family were there, she’s a mom x 2…. errrr I am getting way to old. Cam Ottley showed up later that evening and we all laughed and talked story, it was a great time.
It was nice to hear old names and where and what they were up to, and obviously sad to talk of some of the ones who have not fared so well. But the love that was conveyed while we spoke of these famous Moana street brats was always present. Strange that there is a feeling of family with each other, we can speak of things that no one else can understand, laugh and cry and comprehend. Am I getting a little to deep….
I was happy to hear from Liz Rago and I checked out her blog, I also love looking at Jills blog. I also ran across Jeff and Kathys blog, if there are others out there I sure would like to know so I can add them to my list.
Saturday Mike, Jen my wife and I went to watch the Police, it was totally fun, we bumped into Quinn and Darlean we went out to eat and once again I found myself thinking wow, what a great thing to have, dose every one have this??? A connection that runs so deep, I guess I feel it more because I was living in the South and rarely came across a familiar face. But it could also be the fact that that time in that little town on that little island is a little special. Aloha

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  1. I'm glad we can catch up on Mike (and Jen) through you, since he's anti-blog. You've got our family covered on this one!