Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer in Laie

Summer time is finally here, the sunshine has a way to reminding me of the good old’ days. Ward camp, b-b-q’s and just hanging out talking story till the sun went down. I remember riding my bike down Moana street to Mike Jackson’s to see if he wanted to go to Pounders or hike up to Laie falls. Who could have had a better childhood then those fortunate kids who called Laie home?
Summers seemed to last so long and there are so many adventures that fill my mind as I write this that I don’t know where to start. I remember one summer I was about 8 when we decided to start a tree house club in the Curran’s Banyan tree. They were doing construction up at BYU and Quinn and Mike Smith and I would go up there and find everything we needed to build our club. I recall climbing to the top branches of that tree and along with Quinn and Mike building our dream club house. We would swing from branch to branch 50 feet or so above the ground like little monkeys or Tarzan. Sister Curran would hold her breath as child after child would make there way up into the branches and play chasing tag or war, dangling carelessly from a limb and then leaping to another. As an adult now I am amazed that it was even allowed but as a child I was in heaven.
When my dad was a Bishop of the Student ward, we had so many weddings that we attended, so much food would find it’s way into our fridge, Kalua Pig, Chow min, Sheets of guava cake… the list goes on and on. I recall in the 5th grade counting the seconds on the clock with Roger Clarke and Mike Jackson as the bell finally rang, we screamed and jumped up and down, summers here, summers here. That summer I spent a lot of time at the BYU pool and the game room. Memories of riding my bike, through the streets of Laie, heading off to some new adventure, are so vivid in my mind.
As I got older and was in College summer meant that I could make some real money, and I recall the first year that I could push canoes. I had watched others like the Hannaman boys push the tourists up and down the cannels. Chris Ward and I had even broken into PCC to try our hand at it. I remember when it was my turn I was proud of the title Canoe Boy. Summers in Hawaii are special enough but living on a street with 50 kids made it beyond fun. Playing in the streets some new made up game or kick the can would always last forever. I can see the faces, Zach Chase, Quinn Curran, Mike Jackson, Alan Walker, Jimmy Joy… wow that’s a blast form the past. Later when I came home from England my fist summer in Hawaii I spent reminiscing with Anne and Josh Chase and Betsy Smith. I could go on and on with stories and names but I will save that for another time. One last thought and that is for some reason those families are spread out across the world, unlike other places where you can go home and see the families there after years away, Moana Street, just because of it’s nature, is ever changing. I wish there were a way we could all reconnect once again. Ohana is family and there is a special bond for the Moana Street Ohana...


  1. That banyon tree was the best part of Moana street, in my opinion. The tree house was later passed down to my sisters and I - ok maybe not passed down - it was taken over, I think. The tire swing on it was great fun! I remember watching all you guys play Zorro, and how scared I was that there really was Zorro with the red eyes. I'd look out our family room window at night and would think I could see those red eyes. I also loved how everyone would make Ice-cakes. The Marlers, us, It was the cool thing to do, at least for my age group.

  2. Hey man, remember SHAN? Finally found you dude. Last time I seen you was in colo. Got my tattoo with my daughter sabrina! Josh, give me a call 520 203 3092. I remember planny sht bro please call me, believe it or not you are one of my best memories