Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Looking for a way back home

Ever since the day I left Hawaii, I have been planning a way to get back home. How is that possible without me making a million dollars over here on the mainland? So what is the answer to this problem. My boy Aaron Campbell along with Moa Mahe are working on a housing project on 455 acres on the West side of Malaekahana. That’s close to where my Dad was born and raised. Aaron said in an article in the Kaleo, “What disturbed me is that all of my classmates and friends left. I lived in Provo [Utah] for 11 years, and all of my friends want to return. We're not developers in the traditional sense. This project is really hard now, because of the economy. We've got some huge hurdles, but it's not impossible." They have created an affordable housing coalition with over 400 people already signed on. If this isn’t a statement that things are bad I don’t know what is.
In the church we are told to stay home and build our home communities, What can be done to create not only homes but opportunity in Laie? In this digital age there may be more ways to create an income than BYU and the PCC. But still there needs to be more viable places to find employment than traveling to town everyday. I did that for a year and a half just before I moved and it got old very fast.
Even getting a job at BYU dose not mean you will have a home to call your own. There are about 12 faculty families that are not living in faculty housing. And now that the Moana Street project has been stopped there are no other real options.
Even though I don’t really want to see things change too much in Laie, I can’t argue that living in the same house with your mother and father and your sisters and her family is the way to go. I know of a lot of friends that are doing just that.
I think of all the talented people who are not in Laie anymore, what a loss to the community, what could these minds have brought to the building up of our home area?
I get envious of people over here who see their friends at the ball park or out shopping, doing business with each other creating and developing their community as I think of their pride of Saint George and compare it to my pride of Laie I often tear up wondering, what if I never left, could I have made it? Sure I could have just like so many others did. But what about all those that didn’t those who thought they couldn’t, so many names and faces that don’t walk those familiar streets any more. I went to a Kahuku game here in Utah last year and was blown away at the faces I saw… There were more old timer here then back home in fact a lot of the people living in Laie today haven’t been there longer then 10 years.
Still I long to give my children what I had when I was their age and what my dad had and his father…and his father. Then sun on their skin the smell of salt in their nose, sand between their toe and the feeling of Aloha in the people.
I am still searching for my way back home, maybe I will make my millions, maybe that is what is will take.


  1. jared! it's me liz rago! so strange to find your blog! HOW ARE YOU? you sound good! we came close to requesting a house on moana st. and then i remembered that i vowed i would never live there!haha! so we put the brakes on it!!haha! but it was tempting! there was a cute little house next to the smith's and across from the funaki's available. i was just there visiting a friend and the street was still filled with kids! what is in that water???? aloha, lizzie

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