Thursday, April 3, 2008

Island Fever

I just got finished reading that HRI has pulled out of the affordable housing project... I also have heard that the Moana street project is not going to happen. I was happy to hear about Moana Street but honestly the idea of not building any new homes in Laie worries me. I am living in Saint George Utah, and their are many others here too. The main subject of conversations when we meet is how to get back home. I don't know about others out there but from the day I left home I have been trying to figure out how to get back there. The subject of cost of living always arises and the fact that there are no home for sale and even if there were "how could I afford a home in Hawaii”?
Yesterday the thought came to me about the luxury of life compared to quality of life. I was thinking of the depth of friendships I have back home in Laie and the community not just in Laie but the feeling of ohana in Hawaii. I was comparing that to what my kids have here. Funny but their best friends are the kids of my friends from Laie. My boys’ hag out with Matt Wade’s boys and with their cousins, Curtis Reeds boys... It is funny that even here I have gravitated to the friends from the islands. I work with Cam Ottley and Curtis Reed and for Ted Johnson who I first met at BYU Hawaii.
People always ask me how I could live on an island and if I got island fever, I thought about this for awhile and realized that even here in the mainland I have created a little island for myself, I think we all do. I go to work, shop at the same stores, go to the same restaurants, go to the same church… you get my point I get more island fever here in the mainland then I ever had in Hawaii.

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  1. i'm very disappointed about the affordable housing deal falling through, but i can't help but wonder that if they did go ahead and expand our little piece of heaven if it would still be a place we'd want to raise our kids in. i love the memories but kind of fear the changes.