Monday, April 28, 2008

Beautiful Laie

Yes the debate continues, where can a person live in beautiful Laie. It seems that this has been the center of many of the article of this blog. I just can't get over the fact that with things as tight as they are in Laie that there is not a long term answer. The fear of any real answer is that with new housing development the elements that make Laie the place it is changes.
The new president of BYU-Hawaii is caught is a tough position. Hopefully he can feel the unique nature of Laie and not as other haloes want to turn it into another Mililani. The country nature of Laie and the permanent residents are hopefully taken into account. After seeing all the changes over the years, not all for the best for the community, but driven by someone’s agenda.
I believe that there can be a balance of the two and I trust that there are those in the community that feel as strongly as I do that there is a need to keep the small town country feeling.
A few years ago I traveled to Kauai and was surprised at how much it reminded me of Laie when I was a kid and I realized that my little country town had changed right under my nose, I hadn’t even realized it.
So here in my attempt to express my feelings for Laie I hope I don’t come across to sentimental but as someone who really has the best for Laie and those who call it home in mind.
I remember as a young boy walking home from school thinking how lucky I was to have friends that knew me and what I believed. Catching waves at Hukilau and hiking the trails up to Laie Falls playing under the pacific sun I always felt blessed. Later when I went to BYU Hawaii, I was amazed that others wanted to leave and go to Utah. I loved seeing the sun come up as I walked up towards the campus. I was always happy to see faces of those I had always known. The magic is the balance between everything, the cultures, the church, the university and the fact they all come together in paradise make for a place that is often called ideal. How many place on earth can you honestly say are so ideal? So my plea is to protect this place, and not be in such a hurry to change the dynamics. I realize that change must come but let us measure in line upon line. Once we make the change it will not be so easy to turn it back.
My grandfather would tell me of how Laie was when he was young, and how beautiful it was. My good friend Gordon Broad, would tell me of the Beauty hole and of other great times that he had in Laie when he was young. I am not naive to think that I can halt the changing tides, but I do believe that there are some things that should not be tampered with …


  1. Hi Jared! It's Kristen (Oshita) Kennerley. I found your blog on Jill's (Jackson). Are you in Utah? Like reading your blog...we were on the Big Isl. last year visiting my family and we really miss it there! Would love to move back! Laie has changed but I noticed V-land changed the most! Bummer. We're here in Utah (Lehi), and surived the winter...pls. tell your sister (Rachelle) I said HI!

  2. Jared did you serve a mission in Rapid City, South Dakota? If you did it's me Tiny DeCory from Pine Ridge South Dakota.

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