Monday, November 5, 2007

Video games

Back in the day, before all the internet, before all the digital xbox, ipod, wifi technology there was only one king and that was Atari and to be more precise Space Invaders. I remember the first people on Moana Street to have an Atari were the Wards. I remember hanging out at their house watching this game, playing and trying to figure out the patterns. It seemed like I’d never get past level 2. Chris Ward had the timing down. He waited until the very last second and boom killed the creature as it started to eat away at the houses. It’s weird to think that that game took up so many of my afternoons and Saturday mornings. Later there came Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Ms Pac man, but nothing was quite the same as that first taste of what was to come. The BYU game room was a favorite hang out, even though I was never any good at those games. I knew that I could waste away an hour before choir in the game room. Some kids were skilled at the video game others, like me, only played for the enjoyment of wasting away time and our quarters. For a while there was a game room next to Village Food Mart, it was darker and seemed a little more seedy, I think I only went there twice. It soon shut down, as the home video games got better and better. I never really followed the fad, probably because I was not very good at the games. My brother Matt was so much better and when we’d take turns my turn would last only a few minutes while his would last forever. My parents couldn’t afford an Atari back in the day; it cost $99 wow that’s what some of the game go for now. Maybe it’s a generation thing I was right there at the beginning but we stilled loved the outdoors, the sunshine the surf. We climbed trees, made swords and pretended to be warriors. We liked getting dirty and exploring, sure we would watch our two hours worth of brain rotting cartoons on Saturday but after that we would head over to Mike Smiths and play some go water. We have come so far we are so advanced compared to those early days, but I haven’t enjoyed playing a video game the way I did back then sitting in the Wards front room.

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  1. Sorry I didn't check this blog out sooner. I know I was little, but I can remember wanting to play so badly. I've seen an Atari game you can buy at Walmart for like $10 bucks and it has a bunch of the games. I've contemplated getting it, but haven't yet. I think Micah and I will opt for buying that rather than the bonkers video games kids are playing nowadays. Keep up the blogging and check us at