Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hanabadda Dayz

As the need for housing is more and more in demand in Laie it seems that the old must make way for the new. I can’t say that with out tears coming to my eyes as BYU has decided to demolish the 28 faculty homes on Moana Street and in place of those original homes 52 shiny new homes will be built.
I can’t help but recall sitting on the drain outside of the Jackson’s house talking story until the stars came out. Familiar names and faces fill my mind as write this blog. Georgie, Dalton, Smith, Chase, Ward, Walker…. I could go on all day. The sadness of this whole thing is that it just shows that even in Laie you can’t keep things from changing. Is this progress? As the faces changed over the years Moana Street remained something I could always return to and feel a sense of renewal, I look back to my Hanna badda dayz…. I remember playing go water on Mike Smiths front lawn, Climbing in the Currans Banyan Tree… Kissing Ann Chase on the drain outside her house running from the rain as in came pouring down the street. All these memories won’t ever go, but the feeling of that old street will change. Progress, I guess we can’t halt it but take me back to hanna badda dayz.

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